The Column

Mary Beth Weisenburger has built an enthusiastic fan base with her humorous column, “In The Same Boat,” which chronicles her run-ins with life’s little absurdities. Readers appreciate her knack for “finding the funny” in situations everyone can relate to, such as buying a new mattress (see Pillow Fight), coveting the gifts at a bridal shower (see Second Shower), coping with teens who stay up past her bedtime (see Rude Awakening) and convincing her husband to paint the kitchen (see The Home Improvement Compatibility Test). Her columns feature the kind of homespun humor that tickles a universal funny bone and ends up posted on refrigerator doors everywhere.

Sample columns :

· Pillow Fight    |   · Second Shower   |   · Rude Awakening
· Home Improvement Compatibility Test   | · Throwing in the Towel
· You Might Be The Parent of a Teenager If…   | · What’s His Is Mine
· Left Behind   |   · Skin Deep   | · Time to Eat   |   · The Plight Before Christmas

For more fun stories, go to Mary Beth's column blog:
The Inspiration Cottage

The Book

Mary Beth's first book, "In the Same Boat—55 Laugh Breaks for Frazzled Moms," --a collection of her readers' favorite columns --is now available! Come on board with Mary Beth as she sails through the common experiences of mid-life and offers her entertaining observations to others in the same boat! 

Buy the Book

The books are $14.99 each plus tax and $3.00 shipping. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association.

"In the Same Boat" can be purchased four ways:

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  2. You can also order the book from at any time. The price on Amazon is also $14.99, but there are no options for personalization from this source.

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