Invest in 30-90 minutes of Mary Beth’s special brand of seminars and workshops, guaranteed to produce fresh ideas and renewed energy for your staff, your business, your meeting or your product line. Her interactive presentations are guaranteed to inform and inspire, and while we’re at it, improve your bottom line! Choose from these intriguing topics, all infused with a combination of wit and wisdom that will keep your audience engaged:

10 Ways to Be Exceptional:

It’s a different kind of business guide, specially tailored to working women looking for peace and prosperity at the office. You won’t get the tired old lecture about breaking glass ceilings, dressing in pinstriped suits or not showing emotions. Instead, women will be encouraged to identify and utilize their true gifts (enhanced with a few secrets) in order to be not just successful, but “authentically successful” in the workplace.

Right Brain Rehab:

Unique and practical brainstorming exercises that will nudge even the strongest left brain thinker to right brain creative territory in no time! Increase brain power, idea generation capacity and productivity using techniques that can be utilized on a daily basis. It’s a memorable session that will literally change your mind about brainstorming.  

Storytelling Basics for Bosses:

Executives, managers and supervisors—listen up! You can easily engage, educate and motivate your staff and your customers through the use of proven storytelling techniques. Watch the light bulbs go off over their heads when you learn how to make your messages stick in an easy, compelling way.

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget:

When times are tough, the tough get creative! Learn how to maximize your exposure for minimal funds using time-tested PR and Marketing secrets. Suitable for non-profits and for-profits alike!

Humor Helps:

We spend most of our lives at work. Does it have to be somber drudgery? Of course not! Laugh along with Mary Beth as she covers the importance of humor in teambuilding and morale-boosting, and how the right kind of humor actually increases productivity in the workplace.

Presentation Pizazz for Leaders:

Need to win over an audience, engage your employees or make the presentation of your career? A speech that weaves memorable elements into your core message will leave them wanting more! Designed for members of the leadership team, this program will teach you to play up your strengths, effectively deliver your story and leave the podium a winner.

Kick-offs and Keynotes:

Get your meeting, luncheon or conference off to a rip-roaring start! Mary Beth offers a variety of fun, inspirational and thoughtful presentations that will leave business audiences uplifted and delighted. Mary Beth can customize her keynote presentations to suit your business needs. You’ll appreciate her low maintenance style and her high energy appeal. Most importantly-- your attendees will thank you.

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